All Aboard!!

I am happy to report that allowing Same-sex couples to marry has not destroyed, or even as far as I can tell, hurt traditional marriage in any way at all. At least not here in conservative North Carolina. As a fairly active wedding officiant, I generally create and perform three or four weddings per month. April will be a particularly busy month, and I’ll probably officiate six weddings this month. This last Saturday I had two ceremonies. Both were outdoor weddings. The day was beautiful.

The first was held at an old train station in the little town of Gibson, NC. In fact, to start the ceremony I said in a loud voice, “All Aboard!! I know this is an odd way to start a marriage, but I’ve always wanted to say that.” I think it set a very nice tone.

The couple was dressed casually. The audience reflected the melting pot that is America with Asians, Afro-Americans and whites attending.  The ages ranged from a toddler of 6-months to a charming, elderly, very elegant Black women finished off with hat and gloves.  The couple and some close friends did what decorating was done in the station. Their ceremony included a short remembrance ceremony. It was a really nice and sweet affair. There was so much love and support from the audience for the couple. I was asked to stay for the reception but I had to decline as I my next ceremony to get to.

The second ceremony was held at the Arboretum in Pinehurst. This is one of the most sought after sites to marry in Pinehurst. The groom was resplendent in his silver gray tuxedo set off very nicely by the lilac tie. He and the groomsmen all complained how tightly the rented shoes fit. On the other side, all the gowns were beautiful  as well. Their ceremony also included a short remembrance ceremony. Their ceremony also had an energy and wealth of love and support from the audience.

One of these ceremonies was a same-sex ceremony. The same-sex ceremony did not change or lesson the joy felt by the “Traditional” couple. In fact, one ceremony did not impact the other at all. For me all I can think is “How nice”, that both couples were allowed to get married to the person they loved, in the place of their choice in front of the friends and family closest to them. Best wishes to Cam and Scott and Lori and Keith.

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Jim was wonderful!! He was so easy to work with and the ceremony was perfect! Everyone who came to the wedding complimented us on how awesome the ceremony was and how great Jim was! Liz

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