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What are the components of a Daybreak Ceremonies wedding ceremony?

Over the course of the last 5 years I’ve had the pleasure of officiating almost 200 wedding ceremonies. A few of the ceremonies were simple elopements. The couple with just two witnesses,  and myself. Others were full Cecil B. DeMille productions with lights, sound, pyrotechnics, photographers, videographers, drones, etc. In my opinion weddings are celebrations. […]

If you knew then what you know now would you marry your spouse?

In light of the fact that approximately half of all marriages fail it would seem the answer to our question is no. When you consider that many married couples are in toxic relationships you may wonder, “Why get married at all?”The reason is simple. A good marriage is absolutely wonderful. It is fulfilling, satisfying, comforting, […]

Back to Blogging

After a unconscionable hiatus I am back to the blog. This weekend I had the pleasure of performing the wedding ceremony for Michelle and Sam. The ceremony was held outside at the Snipe Farm Retreat, just north of Chapel Hill, NC. The weather was wonderful and the ceremony was beautifully enhanced by the Handfasting Ceremony […]

If you ever fall in love

I have to thank one of the brides I have had the good fortune to officiate for. Tina McHugh Tremblay thanks so much for sharing this with me. (Although I did write the last line all by myself).   If you ever fall in love,   Fall in love with someone who wants to know […]

Weddings in the Big House

It’s odd how you can sometimes be considered an expert on a topic. I have been asked to officiate for several prison weddings. On May 20 I’ll be leading a Teleconference on this subject for association members of the Celebrant Foundation & Institute. Here is the promo. Your thoughts??   Dear CF&I Celebrant Association Members, […]

Sometimes the second time is a charm

I have the opportunity to perform a ceremony this weekend that I have not done before. I will be re-marrying a young couple. Living as close to Ft. Bragg as I do I have had the opportunity of be the public wedding officiant for couples that were secretly or otherwise already married. When troops deploy, […]

Sometimes traditional marriage isn’t too traditional

Over the weekend I officiated 2 ceremonies. One was a Same-sex ceremony for two wonderful gentlemen very much in love and very much at peace with their place in the world. The other ceremony was for a very sweet and also very much in love “traditional” couple. Both ceremonies went off without a hitch, although […]

All Aboard!!

I am happy to report that allowing Same-sex couples to marry has not destroyed, or even as far as I can tell, hurt traditional marriage in any way at all. At least not here in conservative North Carolina. As a fairly active wedding officiant, I generally create and perform three or four weddings per month. […]

Another Private Ceremony with Dawn and Dorie as witnesses

I was fortunate to officiate for a really nice couple on Saturday in the gardens at Weymouth House in Southern Pines, NC. It was an absolutely beautiful day. The bride and groom were two young people who desired to marry in a private ceremony. They will have a public ceremony in December. So as to […]

The Wine Box Ceremony

I officiated for my first legal same-sex couple in North Carolina on Thanksgiving Day. What a treat that was. One of the wonderful things about what I do is that I am always learning new ceremonies and ways to exchange loving emotions.                           […]

Jim was absolutely fantastic. Such a genuine guy. Very good with communication.

The ceremony he prepared was spot on. We have had so many people make a point to tell us how much they loved the ceremony.

You really will enjoy working with him! Cody

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