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Wine Box Ceremony

One of the wonderful aspects of officiating weddings and other family ceremonies is that I am always learning news twists to ceremonies. I am officiating for a really neat couple on Thanksgiving Day. Until a couple of weeks ago they were not allowed to marry in NC, although they have been in a stable, loving […]

Things are moving fast now

It’s hard to believe that the decision not to decide has moved another 10 states into the “Yeah, we actually appreciate all of our citizens”, rather than playing eenie, meenie, miney moe with people. In one fell swoop, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and many more states will have the ability to treat all couples […]

Weddings do not have to be complicated

I think about the ceremony I prepared and performed on Tuesday for Julie and Doug. They had planned on having a Justice of the Peace perform for them, but due to a timing issue that did not work out for them. They were dressed in their wedding clothes. Their niece and nephew who stood up […]

New record for least amount of lead time

I was in my car wearing shorts and a golf shirt at 11:15 am this morning. Julie asked if I could perform her wedding to Douglas in the next hour or so. I received some pertinent information. Changed into a suit and tie and prepared a very short and sweet ceremony for the two of […]

Waiting on the Supremes

It’s no longer legal to block a black from eating in public restaurants, or use public bathrooms. Why do we still allow states to decide whether all law abiding citizens should have access to the benefits of marriage? States should not have the ability to limit rights to citizens. States should also not have the right to […]

I’d like to welcome Patrick Reilly as our newest associate

Patrick Reilly joined with Daybreak Ceremonies today as an associate Reverend in the Buffalo area of western New York. Patrick will be a wonderful addition to the growing number of Daybreak Ceremonies associates. He welcomes the opportunity to be of assistance to all couples wishing to wed or renew their vows in the greater Buffalo […]

It’s been an exciting summer so far.

Apologies again for the long absence from this page. Since I’ve last posted I’ve conducted 10 wedding ceremonies and 2 funerals. Daybreak Ceremonies truly allows me to see the full range of emotion and human interaction. One of the most interesting ceremonies I’ve officiated recently was a ceremony that combined the language and feel from […]

Skype is showing up in new places all the time

Daybreak Ceremonies performs many more weddings than other ceremonies, and this wedding season has been quite busy. Today I’d like to talk about a recent Funeral Ceremony I prepared and officiated. The family is scattered along the East coast. The 90 year old twin brother of the gentleman whose wife passed away was not able […]

Engayged Weddings is not just for same sex ceremonies and I made the New York Times

Just got back from a really special wedding in Aiken, SC. There were several things about this wedding that were unique. The first is that the couple found me on Engayged Weddings. A gay/same sex friendly site. The bride let me know right off the bat that she and her fiancé were having a traditional […]

Just officiated one of the most satisfying ceremonies ever.

Every ceremony is wonderful. The brides are beautiful and brimming with hope, promise and thoughts for a wonderful life together. The grooms are excited, usually dressed to the nines and the audience shares the joy and the love in palpable ways. Today’s ceremony was conducted at the correctional facility in Manson, NC. The table that […]

Jim was wonderful!! He was so easy to work with and the ceremony was perfect! Everyone who came to the wedding complimented us on how awesome the ceremony was and how great Jim was! Liz

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