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What are the components of a Daybreak Ceremonies wedding ceremony?

Over the course of the last 5 years I’ve had the pleasure of officiating almost 200 wedding ceremonies. A few of the ceremonies were simple elopements. The couple with just two witnesses,  and myself. Others were full Cecil B. DeMille productions with lights, sound, pyrotechnics, photographers, videographers, drones, etc. In my opinion weddings are celebrations. […]

If you knew then what you know now would you marry your spouse?

In light of the fact that approximately half of all marriages fail it would seem the answer to our question is no. When you consider that many married couples are in toxic relationships you may wonder, “Why get married at all?”The reason is simple. A good marriage is absolutely wonderful. It is fulfilling, satisfying, comforting, […]

Back to Blogging

After a unconscionable hiatus I am back to the blog. This weekend I had the pleasure of performing the wedding ceremony for Michelle and Sam. The ceremony was held outside at the Snipe Farm Retreat, just north of Chapel Hill, NC. The weather was wonderful and the ceremony was beautifully enhanced by the Handfasting Ceremony […]

Jim did more than an amazing job on our ceremony. I thought there was not much to a ceremony until Jim came along. He put so much time and effort to make it exactly what we wanted. I loved how it was not like any other ceremony I had heard before. It was geared toward us and gave our guest a glimpse into how much we love each other. It made people cry and laugh which is of course the perfect combination. Thanks for everything Jim, you're the best! Jonathan & Ashley Greer

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