Ceremonies Performed by Daybreak Ceremonies

Weddings: Weddings celebrate love and commitment. The wedding officiants of Daybreak Ceremonies help you to celebrate your love in exactly the way you desire. Through an in-depth interview process we learn your love story. We work with you to include those people you hold  dear and create a unique and personalized ceremony that is yours and yours alone. All couples deserve to be treated with respect, with honor and with dignity. Contact us.

Renewal of Vows: If you are as in love today as when you first walked down the aisle you may wish to renew your vows. You may have a new story to tell, perhaps surrounded by children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews not present when you were first married. You may be in a retirement community with new but very dear friends. Share the love you have for each other all over again.

Funerals: One of lives indisputable realities is that our time on earth is limited. We celebrate the life of the departed to ease the transition from one stage of being to the next with dignity and joy. As long as you remember and cherish those held dear they are never truly gone.  Celebrate the life!


Please ask us about the other ceremonies we perform:

Baby Naming/Guide Parent Ceremonies

Pet Funerals

Home Blessings

Transition to nursing or assisted living facilities


Jim was absolutely fantastic. Such a genuine guy. Very good with communication.

The ceremony he prepared was spot on. We have had so many people make a point to tell us how much they loved the ceremony.

You really will enjoy working with him! Cody

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