Things are moving fast now

It’s hard to believe that the decision not to decide has moved another 10 states into the “Yeah, we actually appreciate all of our citizens”, rather than playing eenie, meenie, miney moe with people. In one fell swoop, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and many more states will have the ability to treat all couples wishing to wed equally. Some states, as my own, North Carolina still wishes to play favorites, which is one reason that people really need to get out and vote if they want to steer NC back into a direction more in line with the future rather than the past, but that is another issue, for another post.

The long and short of it is that very soon all North Carolinian’s will be able to wed with dignity right here at home. If there are couples that have married in New York, Canada or elsewhere they will be able to file their state taxes marking the “Married” box, rather than single. It truly is wonderful how quickly this transformation has occurred. I remember being so bummed when just 2 years ago the Amendment One passed making the NC state constitution a document codifying discrimination rather than equality. Who knew??

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Reverend Jim made our wedding a unique and special occasion. His blend of humor and the aviation theme of the vows hit the nail on the head! He was able to put into words the aura of our relationship. We were so blessed to have found the perfect person to marry us!

He traveled through the snow to our home to marry us, at the last minute. He was more than accommodating to our needs and schedule. Cheryl

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