Wine Box Ceremony

One of the wonderful aspects of officiating weddings and other family ceremonies is that I am always learning news twists to ceremonies. I am officiating for a really neat couple on Thanksgiving Day. Until a couple of weeks ago they were not allowed to marry in NC, although they have been in a stable, loving relationship for several years. They truly have a lot to be thankful for. They requested the Wine Box Ceremony to be incorporated in their ceremony.

In essence you take a beautiful lined box and insert a good bottle of wine and love letters written to the other telling them how much they are in love and why they are so pleased to be getting married. They do not show the letters to their partners. They nail the box shut and put it in a place of prominence in their house with the intent of opening up the box at the 5th wedding anniversary. They enjoy the wine together and read each other’s letters. They have made a romantic time capsule. The only reason to open the box early would be as follows:

If life intrudes prior to the 5th anniversary and they feel as though they should end their marriage they open the box and read the letters to see if they can recall more clearly why they got married in the first place.

Dawn and I put in a little twist and suggested they enjoy the wine at the 5th anniversary, read the letters and then write new letters with the insights gained fromĀ being married for 5 years. Put another great bottle of wine in the box. Seal it up again and open it up at the 10 year mark.

Very cool.

If any of you come across some great traditions or unique ways to celebrate please pass them along.

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For anyone considering a wedding or for that matter any special "life" event that deserves recognition or celebrating Kathe and I ,without reservation,recommend Jim DeKornfeld as your officiant/minister/event planner. Jim takes the time to listen to your story and to weave it in a way that shines light on the specialness and the uniqueness of it. The compassion,caring and nonjudgmental understanding ( not to mention patience) he exemplifies in his own life came to the table in preparing our wedding ceremony making it as many people later said " that was the best wedding I have ever been to". Tim and Kathe Wilson

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