Mike and Cheryl Stein contacted me the day before Valentine’s Day and asked if I could marry them the next day at their house in Vass. I was available. I was delighted to be asked. And I kicked things into high gear.

Both Mike and Cheryl have, or are currently serving in our country’s military. They are both truly inspiring people. Even nicer in some respects is how kind and thoughtful they are. Here is the note I received over the weekend.

Dear Reverend Jim,

Thank you for making our wedding a unique and special occasion. Your blend of humor and the aviation theme of the vows hit the nail not the head! You were able to put into words the aura of our relationship. We are so blessed to have found the perfect person to marry us.

Kindest regards,
Mike and Cheryl Stein

My thoughts back to Mike and Cheryl. Thank-you so much for reaching out to me and for making my day as special as yours. I wish you both many wonderful years together.