First. Dawn had cataract surgery yesterday and it seems to have been very successful. She has an eye patch so I get to say Aaarggh. I know it’s silly, but it happens.

To business. Daybreak Ceremonies is going to get a new look and functionality. Patrick Pfeifer of BC Creative is doing the work and it is going to be great.

2 services coming up. On March 25 I’ll be officiating a service at the Warren Correctional Institution. My second service in a Correctional facility. I’ve met the bride and am really impressed with her. I’ve talked to the groom on the phone and all things considered, he is a very good guy.

The other service will be my first same sex commitment ceremony in NC. I’ll be meeting with the couple and looking for a good spot here in Southern Pines. It will be nice when the novelty of doing these types of ceremonies is no longer novel.

Stay well