I envision the Daybreak Hitching Post to be a journey through the wedding ceremonies I officiate, as well as, notes, thoughts and observations I have about things both spiritual or not that are wedding related.

Going back to last July, the first ceremony I officiated was a same sex ceremony between Lydia and Mercedes. I was in Wisconsin for the summer. They lived in Wisconsin. What a wonderful coincidence? All communication was with Lydia. I asked for Mercedes’s contact info, but never received it. I sent the questionnaires and received them back a couple of weeks later from Lydia. I prepared the ceremony, tweaked it with Lydia until it was ready and waited for payment. And waited, and then waited some more. Lydia said the fee was in the mail several times and then asked if she could pay with a post-dated check on the day of the ceremony. I wanted to do the ceremony as it the first of what I hoped would be many wonderful wedding ceremonies. If Lydia had played the poor church mouse card and not lied to me I would have offered to perform the ceremony for free. However, Lydia said she would pay and that is how we left it. Silly me. There were lots of tells, but getting a check with Lydia and the name of her last live-in on the check was probably the biggest one I ignored.

The wedding was held under the gazebo of a small city park in central Wisconsin. It was a beautiful, calm summer afternoon. Both of the young ladies were radiant, one in a Tux and one in a gown. The ceremony was warmly received and was very sweet. Some of the things I learned at this first ceremony are that I really enjoy preparing and presenting these ceremonies. I learned that the nervous energy felt prior to the ceremony is like the jitters felt before the curtain goes up on stage. I also learned that traditional or same sex ceremonies have the same feel and emotion. One does not threaten the other at all.

The only snag happened when the check bounced. Who in there right mind gives a Reverend a bad check? Well I guess that would be Lydia. Oh well, chalk this one up to stupid tax. I somehow think the union between Lydia and Mercedes is doomed as it started under a dark cloud. Lydia is a con artist and Mercedes is either along for the ride or was taken in by Lydia as I was. It was still a lovely ceremony and as it was my first ceremony it will always be one I remember fondly.