Over the weekend I officiated 2 ceremonies. One was a Same-sex ceremony for two wonderful gentlemen very much in love and very much at peace with their place in the world. The other ceremony was for a very sweet and also very much in love “traditional” couple. Both ceremonies went off without a hitch, although one of the ceremonies would have rated both raised eye brows and murmurs of disapproval from far too many people. Well get ready for this.

I just returned from the Morrison Correctional Institute. Susan and Mark are now married. They had a very non-traditional courtship. They had no friends or family attend the ceremony. The honeymoon is currently on hold. They will continue to see each other for 2 hours every Saturday. (Depending on your last name you can either visit in the morning, or afternoon. The times change every two weeks to make it equally inconvenient for all visitors), Mark is up for parole and it looks very good for him, so hopefully he and Susan will be able to live as husband and wife, as opposed to just being husband and wife.

I like both Susan and Mark and truly wish them nothing but good wishes, and the hope that they are able to live together in peace and happiness. As Susan and Mark are from the opposite sex this qualifies as a traditional marriage. I’m beginning to wonder what that even means anymore. Due to not being allowed to have iPad, phone, or camera present no photos were taken. How un-traditional.