I was baptized as an infant. My parents appointed godparents. I honestly do not know who my godparents were, or if they are still alive. They had no role in my upbringing. Both of my boys (now 24 and 28 years old), were baptized and have godparents, who have had no role in my kids upbringing. So why go through the exercise?

The Guide Parent Ceremony is performed at the express request of the parents. It is not performed to satisfy any creed or dogma. There is no “Just because”, factor. The people designated as Guide Parents make an oath of fidelity to the child stating they will be involved in the life of their Guide-Child, and that they will be a positive force in the child’s life. Here is their oath:

I accept the honor and responsibility of being a Guide Parent to you. A lighthouse stands above a rocky coast to safely guide ships into harbor, I will stand with you today, tomorrow and forever. I promise that my love for you is eternal. I will do all within my power to be a positive force in your life. I will be available to you as a resource and a friend.

The parents designate guide parents based on their belief that these individuals will be good role models and mentors to their children.

There is quite a bit more to the ceremony but the message and commitment is really nice. Let me know if you wish to know more about the Guide Parent ceremony.

Have a great weekend.