Many apologies for ignoring this blog. If you ignore it, there is no damage done, if I ignore it, it never has a chance to get off the ground so, we will be faithful to you who said, “Let’s hear what you have to say.”

Today we’ll touch on one of the nicest Unity Ceremonies, the Unity Candle:

There are several wonderful ceremonies that help to symbolize the sacred union of marriage. One of the most beautiful is the lighting of the Unity Candle. A very touching aspect of this tradition is that the mothers of the Bride and Groom lead the ceremony.
You begin with 1 large candle flanked by 2 smaller candles. The 2 Mother’s of the Bride and Groom come up to the altar and light the 2 side candles.This symbolizes the separate lives, separate families and separate sets of friends prior to the marriage.

The bride and groom then take the 2 side candles and together light the center candle. This symbolizes the two lives joining as one. Before today, you each had that which was mine. This will be replaced by that which is ours. Lighting this candle represents the joining together of your hearts, your families and your lives.

It’s a really nice way to bring the families together.